The Oklahoma Atmospheric Surface-Layer Instrumentation System (OASIS) enhanced 89 of the Oklahoma Mesonet stations with new sensors to enable routine measurements of the surface energy budget including: net radiation, ground heat flux, sensible heat flux, and skin temperature. Additionally, latent heat flux can be estimated as the residual of the surface energy balance. As part of the project, additional soil moisture sensors were installed at depths of 5, 25, 60, and 75 centimeters.

Dates : April 1999 - December 2007

DOI : 10.15763/dbs.mesonet.oasis

Data Variables

Data were collected every 5 minutes and observations are in UTC time.

Variable Units Description
SKIN °C Skin Temperature
IRTT °C Infrared Temperature - Target
IRTH °C Infrared Temperature - Housing
RNET W/m² Net Radiation
WS2M m/s 2m Wind Speed
WS9M m/s 9m Wind Speed
HF5A W/m² 5cm Heat Soil Flux Plate A
HF5B W/m² 5cm Soil Heat Flux Plate B
GHFC W/m² Conductive Ground Heat Flux
PRTA °C 0-5cm Soil Temperature Plate A
PRTB °C 0-5cm Soil Temperature Plate B
WC05 mm³/mm³ 5cm Volumetric Water Content
GHFS W/m² Storage Ground Heat Flux
GHFX W/m² Ground Heat Flux

Station Information

Most of the stations in the Oklahoma Mesonet stations that were active from April 1999 - December 2007 had OASIS upgrades. For a list of stations, please visit the Oklahoma Mesonet Sites webpage.

Obtaining Data

To obtain this dataset, please contact Oklahoma Mesonet Research.